Net worth progression from December 2017 to June 2019

Once a month I share a financial update.

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I do this as it’s motivational to see the progress other people are making on their financial goals and, hopefully, to provide some motivation for others as well.

I shared my first net worth update back in April 2018 and have been sharing monthly updates since.

Income & Expenses


My 9-5 job income listed below is the sum of my post-tax salary plus my 401k and HSA contributions. Any side hustle income is pre-tax since it’s hard to calculate what I’ll end up paying on this until tax season.

9-5 Job Income
Software Engineer$8,767
Side Hustle Income
Total Monthly Income$8,817


ExpenseAmountPercent of Total
Car Insurance$624%

Based on the above, I saved about 82% of my total income in May.

Net Worth

Here’s a summary of my account balances as of July 6, 2019:

Cash Reserves
Savings Account$35,187   (+$5,453)
Checking Account$165        (-$65)
Total Cash Reserves$35,352   (+$5,388)
Tax Advantaged Accounts
401k$43,758  (+$1,942)
Roth IRA$5,707    (+$193)
HSA$4,193    (+$116)
Total Tax Advantaged$53,658  (+$2,251)
Non-Tax Advantaged Accounts
VTSAX$67,613  (+$2,286)
Brokerage Account$3,868    ($260)
Total Non-Tax Advantaged$71,481  (+$2,546)
Net Worth$160,492   ($10,188)

Here’s a look at my net worth progression since I started tracking it back in December of 2017:

Net worth progression from December 2017 to June 2019


From May to June my net worth increased by $10,188, a 6.8% increase since last month.

This increase was mainly driven by the recent gains in the stock market. The market has increased pretty steadily since early June when the whole hullabaloo with Trump and Mexico and China and tariffs caused stock prices to decrease. VTSAX has increased from $68.36 on June 3rd to an all-time high of $74.32 on July 3rd (it’s now at $73.83.)

Chart showing stock price of VTSAX during June 2019
Price of VTSAX during June 2019

June also brought a few extra dollars courtesy of Medium. It’s not a significant sum at this point, but hopefully I can get back to posting on Medium this year and increase this monthly payout.

Where Did My Money Go?

In late May I took advantage of the small market correction and bought $2,000 worth of VTSAX at $69.28 and $2,000 more a couple of days later at $68.52. VTSAX fell as far as $68.36 before rebounding and has since increased steadily, reaching an all time high of $74.32.

Now I’m back to savings mode. If there are other blimps in the market (with all that’s happening––2020 elections, international conflict, etc––this looks possible, but who knows?) I’ll take the chance to buy some VTSAX, otherwise I’ll stay put and continue adding to my high-yield savings account.

And, no matter of what the stock market does, I’ll continue to make my regular monthly 401k and HSA contributions.

Where I’m Headed

Even though VTSAX has increased a lot since I bought in early June, the $4,000 I invested is now worth “only” $4,286.34. I’m pumped, but this is a great reminder that investing is a long-term game––I won’t get rich quick buying VTSAX.

Going forward the plan remains the same: maintain a high savings rate, plug all I can into VTSAX when good buying opportunities present themselves, and continue to chip away at the $19,000 401k limit for 2019.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions or comments, you can reach me at