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At the end of each month, I provide a summary of all the income I earned working at my 9-5 as a software engineer as well as all the expenses I incurred.

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I share this to provide real numbers behind my financial journey. Financial independence, and the road leading to it, can be a hazy concept without actual numbers. Hopefully seeing this helps bridge the gap between financial independence as an idea and financial independence as a reality, for others and for myself as well.


Here’s what my post-tax income looked like in June:

Full-Time Job Income
Software Engineer$6,947
Total Monthly Income$6,947


Here are my expenses for June:

Monthly Expenses

Net Income

Here’s a chart of my total income, expenses, and net income for June:

Income, expenses, and net income for June 2018

June Savings Rate: 83%


June was another typical month. Rent, groceries, and an expensive driver’s license made up my expenses for the month.

I started playing tennis again, which I had forgotten how much I missed.

Public tennis courts are free, so the only cost (after buying rackets, which can get expensive, but are a one-time cost. And in my case, expensive tennis lessons as a kid… thanks Mom and Dad!!) is a can of balls every once in a while and re-stringing the racket when the strings pop (rarely happens when you first start playing).

The best stuff in life is free…or paid for by my parents. (Thanks again!!)

Where I’m Headed

My full-time job as a software engineer continues to go well.

Last month I mentioned that I was looking into creating additional income streams, but there are no updates on that front. I’ll continue to think about it and see if anything comes up.

Meanwhile, the goal is to stay in the 75-80% saving rate range.