Net worth progression from December 2017 to November 2018

Once a month I share my net worth.

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I do this as it’s motivational to see the progress other bloggers are making on their financial goals and, hopefully, to provide some motivation for others as well.

I shared my first net worth update back in April 2018 and have been sharing monthly updates since.

Here are my numbers for November 2018:

Cash Reserves
Savings Account$11,093   (+$18)
Checking Account$226        (-$72)
Total Cash Reserves$11,319   (-$54)
Non-Tax Advantaged Accounts
VTSAX$49,366  (+$9,124)
Brokerage Account$3,352    (+$20)
Total Non-Tax Advantaged$52,718  (+$9,144)
Tax Advantaged Accounts
401k$30,559  (+$958)
HSA$1,904    (+$271)
Roth IRA$5,133    (-$49)
Total Tax Advantaged$37,596  (+$1,180)
Net Worth$101,634   (+$10,271)


Here’s a look at my net worth progression since I started tracking it back in December of 2017:

Net worth progression from December 2017 to November 2018


From October to November my net worth increased by $10,271. That’s about an 11% increase from last month, putting me over the $100,000 mark for the first time.

I started to work in August of last after graduating from college in May. At that time I was carrying around $30,000 in debt from student loans. Now a year and a half later, I am debt free and $100,000 in the clear.

Donald Duck walking as he count his money

The increase this month was higher than it otherwise might have been due to the fact that my girlfriend paid me back some money she had borrowed. Since we moved in together in August and she didn’t start working until October there were a few months where I covered rent, groceries, internet, etc.

However, one chilly Seattle morning she slammed a check in front of me as I was having my morning coffee and said, “Consider us even! I am now free from your clutches.” I looked back at her and said, “Darnations! I was hoping your debt would keep you subservient to me. But, alas, it was not to be.” “Indeed,” she said. “Indeed,” I replied.

VTSAX, the only index fund in my portfolio, is now basically back where it was at the beginning of November, so most of the gains I made this month were due to cash infusions –– there was little gained due to stock market increases.

Here’s how VTSAX fared in November:

Stock price of VTSAX during November 2018

And here’s my net worth broken down by source:

Net worth broken down by source (cash, stock, bond)

Where Did My Money Go?

Between my last update and this one, I made two investments in VTSAX.

I invested $500 (all I had left in my checking account at the time) on the 27th of November at $66.78 per share and another $9,000 on the 4th of December at $67.29 per share.

I also put in $1,181 into my 401k and with that I’ve reached the max annual contribution limit of $18,500 for 2018.

I won’t be able to add anything further to my 401k until 2019. For 2019, however, the limit has been raised $500 to $19,000.

Where I’m Headed

This month I reached two of my goals for 2018 –– surpassing the $100k mark and maxing out my 401k.

Going forward, the plan remains the same: keep a high savings rate, plug all I can into VTSAX, and when next year comes around, start chipping away at the 401k limit.

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