Made it to Seattle! I’m finally settled in in my new apartment after bouncing around an Airbnb and a hostel for a few weeks. I’ve begun my journey at Amazon, working with an awesome team.

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot. The Seattle Public Library system is great. When I first got my library card, riding a wave of excitement I put something like 20 books on hold. As I was like 50th in line with only 2 or 3 copies for a lot of the books, I assumed it would take a while to get them all and so I would have a steady flow of books. I was wrong. About 3 days later I got an email saying 3 of the books were ready to pick up. Two days later, I got another email saying another 5 were ready to pick up. Long story short, I now have a stack of 10 books waiting to be read at my desk.

Inspired by Derek Sivers

Last updated on September 13th, 2017