An assortment of fresh raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries from a farmer's market.
Photo by William Felker

I was munching on some berries my boss had brought in from a nearby farmer’s market yesterday when something in those deliciously tart blueberries reminded me that I’ve always wanted to grow some fruits and vegetables.

In high school, I once bought various different packets of seeds on a whim and ended up growing some very decent tomatoes. I still have the packets of watermelon and cantaloupe seeds in a drawer somewhere.

This got me thinking about other things I wanted to accomplish over the next few years. What follows is somewhat like a bucket list except I’d like to do these things in the relative now (next 3-5 years?) rather than some time in the nebulous future.

1. Grow some fruits and vegetables

This one might have to wait until I live somewhere with a yard, though I have seen some neighborhood garden patches in my area so maybe not.

I assume growing fruits and vegetables is somewhat like raising a child. You nurture and protect them, provide them with food and water, and when they’re ripe you cut them up and enjoy a delicious dinner.

2. Learn to solve the Rubik’s cube

One night while in middle school I stayed up late rearranging the stickers on a Rubik’s cube to pretend I had solved it. I even showed it off to my parents the next morning. Shameful. I’m not sure how I expected this to work out since all someone would have to do is shuffle the cube and ask me to solve it again to uncover my farce.

Rubiks cube Doodle from Google

I will learn how to solve the Rubik’s cube, redeem my honor, and make my middle school self proud. A heartwarming tale of redemption.

3. Learn Italian

I started to learn a bit of Italian last year, but I didn’t stick with it. I’m planning on picking it back up over the next few months, but with a little more sense of urgency.

Peter Griffin from Family Guy trying to speak Italian in a butcher shop

Given that I already speak Spanish, I think it’s possible to become conversational in Italian in only three months with only 30-60 minutes of studying daily. Maybe this is delusional but as Bruno Mars’ Italian cousin once said, “Non credermi solo guardare.”

4. Look like Captain America

I’ve technically already accomplished this goal since I look like Steve Rogers before he got injected with the super-strength serum.

Steve Rogers (Captain America) getting injected with the super-strength serum

(I can picture the actor who “provided” Captain America’s pre-superhero body telling his grandchildren he played Captain America, “Yes, your old grandad played Captain America. Well, actually I played Steve Rogers before he turned into Captain America. Really they just used my body and another guy’s face. Oh, screw you, Mikey, you still wet your bed.”)

The hard part about this for me is putting on weight. I enjoy working out and have done so on and off since high school, but I’ve never managed to put on enough weight to beef up these spaghetti arms.

Though at the rate that Marvel is making movies for random superheroes, I might even get to play one myself if I hurry up with this goal.